Hold up before you pay your next insurance bill

If you diligently pay your car insurance and consider yourself to be a cautious driver, then hold it up before you pay your next installment. The chances are that you are overpaying your insurance company just because you don’t have all the facts.

You could be saving up to $536/year and depending on your age, you could be saving even more. I bet your insurance agent “forgot” to tell you about the facts.

What the insurance agent doesn’t tell you

Everybody needs to make a living and insurance agents work on commission. The higher the premium that they can sell to you, the higher their payout will be. However, people are getting fed up with being screwed and have turned to sites like this one to find super savings and cut their insurance premiums by $63/month and more.

Putting the service to the test

When we decided to put the service to the test, we were amazed by the results. Our initial monthly premium came down to $ 119.51, but after we used this free service, it was slashed by roughly 50% to $63.04. The first major lesson we learned from this experience was never to buy insurance without comparing all the online discounts first.

Our Old Bill

Our New Bill

What’s the verdict?

Never be bullied into thinking that you cannot swop insurance. If you find a better deal, you can cancel your insurance right away and your balance will be refunded.

As more and more people are coming around, these online services are gaining traction. One of the most secure and trusted services that we recommend has helped over 1,000,000 American drivers for free. You can check out their discounts on this website.

Here is how you can also benefit from their service:

  1. Click on the green button below. When the tab opens, enter your zip-code and car details
  2. 30 seconds later, you’ll see what you should be paying for your insurance and start saving right away.