11 Common Foods Never to Give Kids

Mother with children. Family have breakfas. Kids in a kitchen


Having to feed a fussy toddler or a grouchy teen is enough to drive you insane. The food companies have a way to fix that! Kid-friendly foods engineered to be tasty. Happy kids mean happy parents. You won’t believe what hides in “healthy” food and what is marketed to kids.

If you wish to make better choices when feeding your children, keep reading. We’ll lay out 11 foods that you should never feed your child. You won’t believe what’s on this list.

Here is a clue – it’s yellow and soft.

Keep reading, you will be shocked and surprised at what you are serving!

Apple Juice

Sugar is not good for children. It can cause behavioral issues, contributes to obesity, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

According to pediatricians, children under the age of two should not have any sugar at all.

Parents give their kids apple juice thinking it’s healthy. Instead they are giving them nearly pure sugar in apple flavored water. At 160 calories per cup, you aren’t doing your children any favors. Children are also not getting the nutrients and fiber that come with eating an apple.