Clearly, there is seldom one overriding cause for any health changes in science. But studies are beginning to indicate that gray hair may develop due to stress. The ancient fight whatever faces you or flee from it, and the ensuing chemical changes, may just be the cause of all those gray hairs.

Cortisol may be your gray hair dye

Cortisol is generated in response to your stress reaction. While studies have shown that sustained levels of this chemical have an adverse effect on health, they haven’t previously specifically linked this to graying hair.

The sympathetic nervous system plays a major role in graying hair. This is because every single little hair follicle is also related to this nervous system and connected in some way. Science now shows just how norepinephrine alters hair pigmentation. Early stem cell production occurs when faced with stress, turning your colored hair to gray.

Nervous system and genetics produce gray hair

Once the pigment in your hair has changed, this situation cannot be reversed. But genes also play a role in why hair goes gray. The natural melanin pigmentation of the hair follicle naturally reduces with age. Environmental factors such as diet can also impact premature aging. Drinking and smoking add to premature changes to hair color.

If you want to lengthen the duration of your natural hair pigmentation, supplement your diet with vitamin B12, iron and copper. Change your diet so that fewer toxins are produced. Most of all, relax more to reduce stress.