There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the safety of childhood vaccinations in recent years. These controversies and concerns have prompted parents to delay vaccinations for their children. Delays can, however, lead to placing children at risk of contracting full-blown diseases that may cause death.

The return of old diseases due to delayed vaccinations

Quite a number of diseases are making a reappearance in recent times. The medical profession assumed many of these had been eliminated. They now express their concerns that the return of these diseases is linked to parents deliberately delaying having their children vaccinated against them. 

A full 14 vaccines are required during the first 48 months after birth. Science suggests that even more are needed, including for hepatitis A and the rotavirus. 

Missing any of these on the schedule set by medical science places your child at risk of contracting a preventable illness, say studies. 

Sticking to vaccine schedules more important than thought

Research created a schedule that would be safest for vaccinations. When over 30 percent of the population are not sticking to this schedule, a problem is created. Firstly, the risk of contracting diseases is increased. Secondly, the potential to spread that disease is increased. 

Not only is the communication of preventable diseases enhanced, but other health risks exist. If parents decide to play catch up, their children may be overloaded with vaccinations, posing further health problems. Why place your child at risk of dying from preventable diseases by missing vaccination schedules?