by Suzanne Pischner Tuesday, June 17, 2020

Kathy Bates Shows How To Reclaim Your Shape At Any Age, With Only $5 Hack!

(CNN) – According to legendary Hollywood actress and Academy Award winner Kathy Bates, no one is too old to reclaim their shape and live healthy. The 70-year-old Kathy has shed 60 pounds through what she calls “mindfulness” and sheer determination. She achieved this phenomenal feat after surviving ovarian and breast cancer and realizing she had to pay special attention to her health.

The “American Horror Story” star encountered real-life apocalyptic horror when she had to battle these two killer cancers and survived. The drama got even scarier when the doctor told her she was facing imminent risk of diabetes if she did not lose 60 pounds fast. She welcomed this second chance and resolved to do something about her weight and unhealthy lifestyle. However, this was easier said than done, and a few months down the line, her efforts bore no fruit and she slipped into despair. Kathy had gone through every known weight loss program from Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers with no visible results. She was about to take the surgical option when she found KetoFast and the simple apple cider vinegar that was to prove a turning point.

From the day of this marvelous discovery to her wedding day, Kathy has stuck to KetoFast and apple cider vinegar combination drink daily and the results have been phenomenal. The simple trick here is to use all 3 together.

Kathy on Dr Oz show discussing her incredible 70 pound weight loss using KetoFast

“This is the first time I’ve come out to speak about this publicly since I started using KetoFast, though really the results are obvious to see. I share this with you because I know it works and whatever the number of pounds you need to lose, KetoFast will help speed up the process. The beauty of it all is that a month’s supply of KetoFast will only cost you $5!” – Kathy Bates

Kathy has taken to empowering and encouraging people having weight problems and struggling to get started on a weight loss program. She has been a source of inspiration to many people that needed support to shed some weight like Heather, sharing with them the secret of KetoFast and apple cider vinegar cocktail. Heather went on to poster even more impressive results than Kathy did. 

Kathy helped Heather lose over 95lbs in less than four months!

Recently CNN sought out Kathy for her comments on the use of KetoFast, how she got to know about it and if that was the only supplement she used for her fast weight loss

CNN: Yes, Kathy, how did you begin your weight loss journey?

Kathy: Honestly, I was clueless at the beginning and then I realized the Internet could have all the answers I needed. So I set aside a budget for research delving into past case studies and testimonies of successful weight loss.  

CNN: Did you get to know about KetoFast during this online research?

Kathy: That is interesting. You see, I’ve always been a big fan of Melissa McCarthy and had been impressed by how she managed to lose weight so fast. So, I decided to search for any information online on how she achieved this. Surprisingly there wasn’t much to go by, but I was lucky to stumble across a radio interview in which she gives full credit for her successful weight loss to KetoFast and apple cider vinegar.

CNN: Was KetoFast expensive?

Kathy: It is surprisingly affordable, thank goodness! At the time, KetoFast and apple cider vinegar combination was relatively new and not widely known, and as such was affordable. There isn’t much that goes into manufacture as the formula for KetoFast is absolutely natural, so the production cost is low. I was lucky they gave me a free one month’s sample and I only paid for shipping that cost me $5 and a further $6 for apple cider vinegar from a local grocery to combine with as recommended. The thing, however, is that there is no price too high to pay for good health.

CNN: Quite impressive! So how does it work?

Kathy: Aah, it is so simple it is amazing! Every morning you make tea with 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to go with the KetoFast capsule and that is it. You do not have to alter your daily routine in any way and a month later, you will be in great shape like I did losing 39 pounds. 

After enjoying spectacular results, Kathy has been sharing the KetoFast and apple cider vinegar secret with many others!

KetoFast was first introduced on TV by the renowned Dr. Oz, a respected doctor in the health community who has endorsed many other supplements. Keto has proved popular, helping many to lose weight fast and safely worldwide. 

What makes KetoFast so effective?

The main ingredient, hydroxycitric acid inhibits body fat production as it enhances resting metabolism by over 130%. Most body fat is accumulated in a sedentary state and by countering this, the Keto’s natural ingredient reverses the state from gain to fat-loss at rest.

The KetoFast and apple cider vinegar combination is clinically effective in:

  1. Increasing metabolism at rest by over 130%
  2. Detoxification 
  3. Raising energy levels and wellbeing
  4. Inhibiting excess fat production

Here is Kathy’s breakdown on a week-by-week progression of her weight loss including her apple cider vinegar recipe and a link for our readers to get a free sample of KetoFast.

Results after one month on KetoFast: Kathy lost 39lbs of body fat

1. Pour it in a glass and mix it up, 1 or 2 teaspoons of organic Apple Cider Vinegar with some hot water.

2. Early morning, take one KetoFast capsule with this drink.

Week one

The first thing I noticed after one week on KetoFast with apple cider vinegar was the raised energy levels and suppressed appetite. This was awesome; I wasn’t feeling hungry and yet quite energetic! Unlike physical regimes, I did not have to change my daily routine. On day 7, I stood on my scales and guess what? I was less 9lbs. Unbelievable! But, I was cautious as this could be due to the initial water loss that happens at the start of any diet and waited to see what next in the following weeks.

Week Three

By week three, the results were beyond believe! I had lost a further 27lbs and reduced 2 pant sizes. Whereas on previous diets, I found myself tired, surprisingly with KetoFast, I remained fully energetic across the day.

Week Four

In week four, I lost another 9lbs and after one month, the scales returned an unbelievable result: I had lost 39lbs using KetoFast and apple cider vinegar combination. It is a blessing that I share this wonderful experience with others struggling with weight to encourage them and show them that losing weight is possible. 

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Kathy Bates works with the official suppliers of KetoFast to provide free 1 month samples for a limited time only for our readers!

**Update: LIMITED FREE SAMPLES AVAILABLE – As of Wednesday, June 17, 2020 , There Are Still FREE Samples!